Strategic Planning - Questions to ask in preparation

With a new financial year on the horizon, it’s a great time to turn your mind to strategic planning for your business and what’s winning for the 2020 financial year ahead.

Before you dive into it, there are four key areas we’d recommend you pause to reflect on, ideally with your team, in the lead up to any session to help get focused on what matters most.

  1. Employee perspective – what do the team feel are the critical business and people issues facing the business? Asking them to provide feedback anonymously can give greater insight.

  2. Management perspective – are the employees and management team on the same page? Identifying and recognising differences is crucial to creating the company’s action plans.

  3. The financials – what are the numbers telling us – and is everyone on the team reading the same story?

  4. Marketplace – with the first three areas in mind, how does the business sit in the marketplace? What data / information can we look at to measure ourselves against, understand the trends, etc.

Click here to download a template you can use to survey your team for their input into each area.

With thought given to each of those areas – you and your team can collectively agree what winning is, identify the one or two key numbers to track for the year, and most importantly, agree what the one, two or three drivers are – the activities, behaviours and choices the team are asked to make each day to support the achievement of those goals.