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Good Business.

Great Life.

We believe that great things can be created from good business – which is why we’ve created a community for SMEs to help them get the goods.

Here you’ll find the service providers, tools & resources you need to build a good business and live a great life.


Get the Goods

More than just a bunch of do-gooders, our Good Connections have the goods to add real value to your business.

Our skills include defining your why, creating engaged teams, building badass brands, shredding kilos off your processes, and keeping you on track toward the good bits.


When you subscribe to The Goods Community you can access good conversations, offers, and resources from this crew, as well as a host of other discounts and benefits for your business!

All for just $11 per month!



Collective years of business experience

You know you’re in good hands when you work with our good connections.



Advisers at your fingertips

These guys have the goods you need to build a good business, so you can live a great life.



Resources and templates

It’s as close to bottling a good business as we can get.


Good for you,

Good for the community.

To us, success in business is about much more than numbers, it always has been. Business is a vehicle that can create a positive impact on the lives of those who are connected to it – and as such, we support organisations that are creating positive change through business.

Through our Be Good, Do Good program, 50% of your Goods Community subscription fee goes directly to businesses focused on doing good in the community.


What is good?

We measure the causes we support against this matrix - looking at the span of the impact (whether it impacts one or many) and the depth of transformation (is it one-off or enduring?).


Be Good, Do Good

When you join The Goods Community, 50% of your subscription fee goes directly to businesses doing good in the community.

Here’s who we’re currently supporting:


Hope Street Cafe

The Hope Street Café is a not-for-profit social enterprise connecting the community with people who have been excluded from the workforce, in defence of local food production and a diverse, inclusive local neighbourhood.


Good Company

When you subscribe to The Goods Community you’re in good company. We encourage you to do good by using our preferred suppliers, and to take advantage of good deals and discounts where applicable for your business when you do.

Additionally, you’ll receive discounted tickets to our networking and education events throughout the year.

All for just $11 per month!

Want in?

Of course you do.


Got the Goods?

We've developed a self-assessment to help you identify immediate areas of improvement in your business.

It's a quick status check on the big areas of your business that we know make the difference between just being 'good enough', and knowing you've got the goods.

It's short enough to not take all day, but deep enough to get some solid advice on what to do next.


The Goods assessment helped us identify and prioritise the areas our business needed to focus on. Because we’re a part of The Goods Community, we were then able to reach out to the right people at the right time to help us implement and execute improvements effectively.

Justin Kabbani / Managing Director / Hardhat



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