Making your plans a reality

As a business owner, when was the last time you stepped back to see how you were tracking towards your goals? What about personally? And have you helped your team to do the same for their professional and personal aspirations?

As a business, we conduct planning/performance reviews with our team bi-annually (supported by monthly mentoring).

It’s a rewarding exercise, helping team members to look forward and articulate their goals and aspirations for the six months to come.

While there are many career planning and performance review materials available, we use a STOP, START, MORE, LESS model with our team. It’s a simple and highly effective framework to create focus and to align the development actions needed to take you towards your goals.

Put simply, for you to attain your goals / get what you want – what do you need to STOP, START, do MORE of, do LESS of?

It’s just as useful a tool for personal goal setting as it is for helping your team stay on track toward the good bits.

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