Let’s have a good conversation

Our Good Connections have the goods to add real value to your business. Our skills include defining your why, creating engaged teams, building badass brands, shredding kilos off your processes, and keeping you on track toward the good bits.


Clarity of purpose?

Purpose creates great culture, promotes innovation, productivity and profitability. Ultimately it leads a deeper connection with your staff, customers and the community. Register for a one-on-one Purpose Appraisal with Hatched to focus on modernising your business by making it more purposeful. Businesses with purpose have proven to be more resilient, profitable and better places to work. Why wouldn’t you want a purposeful business?


Create energy and focus within your team

Are you looking for a new way to create energy and focus in your team around a current business issue? Join Faculte3 for Gamification 101 in a 30 minute webinar where they’ll introduce you to a new way to engage your team, and use day-to-day to make improvements in your business that will add up to year-long success.


Strong brand = Strong business

Branding is far more than just a logo and some colours. It’s what makes a company unique, gives it life, familiarity and recall with your audience. Work with one of Ply Creative’s brand strategists in a Brand Audit, to get an unfiltered view of how well your marketing represents your business’s true self. Come away with a plan of action to build a brand that amplifies the best parts of your business and connects with your customers.


Could your financials benefit from a fresh set of eyes?

Are you curious about your current financial situation and keen to confirm you have the best possible strategies and structures in place? To find the answer, take up O’Connells OBM’s offer of a Proactive Tax Review of your financial affairs, where they look beyond the standard checks and balances offered by most accounting firms, and really dig into the detail of your situation.

Are you covered?

Over 95% of us aren’t adequately insured - putting you, your family, and your business at risk. Liberum Financial offer Goods Community subscribers a no cost, no obligation risk insurance review designed to help you confirm not only that you and your family are sufficiently protected, but also that if you do have insurances in place – they are quality policies at the best premium.


What does your website say about you?

Your website is more than an online brochure, it's your online sales team. As the first point of call for your potential customers, it’s important to regularly review, refine, and update the story it tells. 

Take advantage of a complimentary strategic website review from Vennd to help make your first impression count.

Looking for something else?

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